Good day, my name is Cayle! Like John Cougar Mellencamp famously crooned, I was born in a small town, just another Midwestern kid---hailing from Park Falls, Wisconsin. As a self-proclaimed sneaker fanatic, much of my inspiration comes from the emotions I associate with the personal expression of footwear and fashion. I am a 2013 University Wisconsin-Stout Industrial Design graduate holding a minor in Business Administration; the intricate relationship of these disciplines has provided gravity in designing to meet the insatiable demand of our global economy. In essence, understanding the big picture: designing products and media that enhance lives while keeping critical business concepts in mind, set my designs apart.    


My approach:  exercising the ambitious Mid-western work ethic, instilled at an early age, creative projects are infused with personal accountability and pride. Viewing "the glass" always near-full from the ideation process through product delivery, paired with the "never satisfied" attitude and team spirit, is my style.


Enough about me, let's create!


Authentically yours,




P.S. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions and/or about reviewing my full portfolio!



"Stay true to yourself and a true innovator you will be."