Hello and welcome. My name is Cayle... pronounced like kale, the leafy green. (I know.) As I sit here thinking of the many things I want this "about" blurp to cover, I've realized there would not be enough words to describe everyone and everything that make me, Me. And in this digital age, where attention spans are short, I will try to make this sweet.



My hometown; two stoplights and 1,500 people. 1,500 of the hardest working and kindest souls one could meet. Park Falls, Wisconsin; this is you. My family. It's your grit, firm determination and raw authenticity that keep me believing what can "be".  The epitome of unity and putting others first, the backbone of Smalltown, USA and the backbone of Me. I could not chase, I could not pursue, such a lofty and in many's eyes, naive and unattainable dreams. For I am only mirroring such grit, determination and authenticity I observed in my youth; to overcome. 

As a kid, I was fortunate to spend much of my time with my grandparents. It was then when my first dream, or as I like to put it,  infatuation, was born: Film and movies. I would return from school and sit with my Grandpa watching old westerns and classic films, sprinkled in with many episodes of Andy Griffith and MASH. There I would think, "I wanna do that". The Duke, Clint Eastwood and Paul Newman quickly grew to be my favorites and greatest inspirations. Throughout my years, this idea never faltered. I grew incredibly fond of the arts as a whole and what it means to be a well-rounded, expressive creative mind. From drawing to interior design and from fashion to footwear, I fell in love with all things design and creative.



I went on to the University Wisconsin-Stout, where I graduated with an Industrial Design degree, minoring in Business Administration. There my understanding for design and the creative arts was drastically elevated. I learned the significance of emotional and empathetic design and how lives can be enhanced as a result, truly galvanizing my approach.



Those were the questions. Now what? What next? I had my diploma. I had promising design opportunities in the Midwest. But I still had that long-lasting dream. You know, the strong, lingering gut feeling of needing to try something outside the expected norm. This was the time. This IS the time. With every square inch of my little Ford Focus packed tightly with duffle bags and some of Grandma's jam, I said my I love you's, gave big hugs and hit the road for Los Angeles, California. It was not an easy journey at first, sleeping in my car (I'm sorry Mom), and until finding a place to live in an unfinished garage on an air mattress. (Thank you, you know who you are.) After a short time, I was able to land a design position and begin building anew. I guess that diploma was good for something ;). I began working and saving, knowing I was going to take that leap and pursue acting fully in the near future. I was deeply focussed on my goals and was constantly looking toward the days ahead. But now after reflection, it was, and still is in these days, that I'm growing into my true own self and falling in love with the process that is life. Currently I'm working part-time for a leading cosmetics brand as a senior design lead. And yes, pursuing that long-lasting dream of being an actor.   


Look, I understand this has already been lengthy enough, but if you're still here reading, thank you; I appreciate your time and this is where it get's good.

I've found the dangers and ease of being caught up in a world today that focusses on conventionality and losing yourself in all the "you need to do this, buy this, look like this, 'gram this, because everyone else is." This desensitivity is paralyzing and diminishing the beautiful wonders of life.  My goal, my message, is to challenge the newly accepted norm. Stay true and authentic to yourself and embrace wild and crazy soul that is You. 


Whether it's a character, a canvas, a design concept or even a simple idea, make it a window and not a wall. Only when something is a window, will it truly be seen. Cheers, this journey is for US.



Give 'em hell--

stay authentic.
dream big.
inspire others.
love wildly.